To ensure and secure your investment in REDBROK, we have concentrated all our efforts on two types of investment funds specially designed for you.

1.> REDBROK Management Fund

Maximum DrawDown (DD): 12.8%
Profit factor: 1.89
Sharpe ratio: 2.15
Risk profile: Medium

How do we guarantee your success?

Simultaneous traversing of multiple algorithms in pairs of more liquid currency markets, for example EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, USD / JPY, GBP / JPY, EUR / JPY.
We continuously test strategies.
Coverage of risk monitoring during the three daily trading sessions.
We guarantee the correct functioning of all algorithms in high risk conditions.
Stability in changing or unfavorable market conditions.
We obtain returns in normal market conditions of 85%.

This ensures high profitability results with a low maximum DD without keeping negative operations open.

Goals of expected profitability

We work for a net annual return of 25% -35%, with a maximum risk of 25%.
If the MDD reaches 15%, we adapt the operation to stop the fall by promoting recovery by the end of the month.
This ensures the level of MDD.
The annual earnings target is calculated from the net profits of foreign exchange market transactions and already includes the management fee.
OUR INTEREST IS YOUR INTEREST! In case of earnings, only one commission will be charged. So, you know that our interests are always aligned with those of our customers.

2.> EURO Retirement Fund 3.0

Maximum DrawDown (DD): 22%
Profit factor: 1.55
Sharpe ratio: 1,95
Risk profile: Medium

How do we guarantee your success?

Our currency strategy focuses on 95% in managing the EUR / USD pair; perform the operation in a discretionary way but on the basis of the statistical regression line generated by the couple based on the parameters established in the same formula (tested and tested for several years) and which obtains the data of the previous analysis and large data of different assets (which have been followed for several years) that carry and generate a great deal of weight in the two economies of the pair, which has led to a statistical regression in the segments used and gives us potential areas of EUR / USD deviation in its regression line.

Once these deviations are observed, the trader performs the operation with the risk marked by the deviation itself, thus obtaining benefits by minimizing the risk of exposure inherent in Forex trading; once the regression curve on the pair is stressed to 80%, the operation is partially closed leaving positions open until the total stress of the curve in which all the operations are closed, waiting again for the regression line that marks us the appropriate operation.

This ensures high profitability results with a low maximum DD without keeping negative operations open.

Expected profitability objectives and
DrawDown(maximum losses)

The success rate per transaction is greater than 80% even if it is true that the portfolios may initially undergo a DD of approximately 20% until the entry in the portfolio is adjusted on the regression of the same, recovering the possible DD within a maximum of 5 months after the start.
The expected total profitability objectives per year are around 30% – 35%, bringing the maximum DD of the portfolio start to 10%.


*What is a low maximum DD – The DrawDown of a portfolio is the difference between our current capital and the maximum capital that we previously had in our portfolio (always excluding deposits and withdrawals).
** Risk notification

Investing in the currency market (Forex), in alternative investments and in other leveraged products involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all types of investors. Before investing in any type of alternative investment, it is necessary to carefully consider the objectives and duration of the investment and your own predisposition to risk. There is a possibility that you may suffer a partial or total loss of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.


At REDBROK we believe in the transparency of our work. Therefore, it is important that our customers are aware of the path that their capital will take from the first moment until the benefits are collected. Our greatest guarantee of trust and transparency is that our customers can monitor the status of their money in real time and dispose of it when they wish.