We are accredited by.

REDBROK is part of PolyReg, a self-regulatory body recognized by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority. It is established pursuant to Article 24 of the Swiss Money Laundering Act (MLA) and serves as a regulatory and supervisory organization for its members.


REDBROK is your certified partner in the management of your investments.

We were born in Switzerland in 2014. At REDBROK we work to achieve superior and systematic results for our long-term investors through a combination of rigorous analysis, diversification of investments and risk control.

We have the skills and knowledge to manage your local and international financial portfolio. We combine a wealth of wealth management experience with a simple investment philosophy, albeit a little conservative.

By combining the most advanced technology with the traditional knowledge of investment advice, REDBROK has already managed to acquire customers all over the world.

We believe these qualities are essential to offer investors around the world consistently higher long-term returns.

We work every day to get the best results for our customers.

Will you join us?


We guarantee capital conservation. We aspire to constant long-term returns.

We always follow a strict investment philosophy:

The successes begin with an individual analysis made by specialists with differentiated views, operating according to a disciplined investment philosophy and a solid process and risk supervision.

We monitor the results 24 hours a day.